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What Memorialization Options are Available to Me?
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Memorialization...a time-honored tradition

Memorialization of the deceased has been practiced by caring people through the centuries. As survivors, we care about and want to remember those who precede us in death. Memorialization helps us to remember and to be remembered.

Selecting and establishing a permanent memorial for a family member or loved one not only satisfies an immediate need, but it also fulfills the need to preserve our heritage. memorials are stepping stones to the past, and to the future. They link the generations.

Cremation...preparation for memorialization

Many people mistakenly believe that the process of cremation – reducing human remains to bone fragments – is an end in itself, but it is not. Cremation is preparation for memorialization just as is traditional burial. In fact, the options for the final disposition of cremated remains and the subsequent memorials used to honor them are many and varied.

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